Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law Section

Entertainment Arts & Sports Law Section


Tuesday, January 15, 2019
1:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Total MCLE Credits: 4.50 (Professional Practice 3.00, Ethics 1.50)
Sutton South, 2nd Floor

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Underlying Rights in All Media
Adaptation/Option Deals and Challenges from Rights Owners                 

1:00 p.m. – 1:20 p.m. Welcoming Remarks: Business / Awards
Barry Skidelsky, Esq., Section Chair

1:25 p.m. – 2:40 p.m. Part One: Licensing Underlying Rights—Option and Adaptation Deal-Making in Different Media (1.5 Credits in Areas of Professional Practice)
What are the key elements in optioning underlying works for use in film, television and theatre? How various rights acquisition deals differ do based on the nature of the pre-existing works to be adapted (e.g., books, comics, articles, plays, podcasts, music, and prior audio-visual works)?   How does optioning these works for film and television differ from options for live theater?  What terms do producers and production companies need to have for successful commercial productions?  This panel will examine different deal structures, advise on negotiation strategies, and provide practice pointers for a wide range of adaptations of pre-existing works.  

Judith B. Bass, Esq.
Law Offices of Judith B. Bass 

Jason P. Baruch, Esq.
Sendroff & Baruch, LLP

Marsha Brooks, Esq.
Brooks & Distler

Cheryl L. Davis, Esq.
General Counsel, The Authors Guild

Adrienne Fields, Esq.
Director of Legal Affairs, Artists Rights Society

Donovan A. Rodriques, Esq.
Rodriques Law, PLLC

2:40 p.m. – 2:50 p.m. Break

2:50 p.m. – 4:05 p.m. Part Two: Underlying Rights Disputes in the Courts (1.5 Credits in Areas of Professional Practice)
This panel will review recent litigation involving underlying rights owners and their estates challenging authorized adaptations of pre-existing works (such as in the recent To Kill A Mockingbird case),  more obvious instances where rights owners have complained about unauthorized uses (such as in Jersey Boys), and disputes among producers.  This panel will also provide practical suggestions regarding how to conduct rights negotiations and draft agreements that minimize potential claims from the outset.

Tom J. Ferber, Esq. (Moderator)
Pryor Cashman LLP 

David Korzenik, Esq.
Miller Korzenik Sommers Rayman LLP

Edward H. Rosenthal, Esq.
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC

Sarah Schacter, Esq.
Loeb & Loeb, LLP

4:05 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. Break

4:15 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. The Wheel of Fortune: Hot Topics in Ethics for Entertainment Lawyers (1.5 Credits in Ethics)
This panel will address ethical issues not only of general applicability to all attorneys, but also of particular concern to transactional and litigation lawyers whose work involves entertainment, arts and sports – such as fee arrangements (including offering or receiving referral fees, shopping or taking a piece of a deal), representation of multiple parties (including co-writers or members of a music group), serving as a talent agent or manager and other conflicts of interest, privilege, confidentiality, imputation, disqualification, and more.

Ronald C. Minkoff, Esq.

Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C.

Nicole Hyland , Esq.
Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C.

Devika Kewalramani, Esq.
Moses & Singer LLP

Cristina Yannucci, Esq.
Lewis Brisbois Bisgard & Smith LLP 

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This program features 11 different panels featuring a variety of speakers from law, finance, business, and technology, with several panels focusing on global perspectives of representation, tax, and practical concerns for music artists and businesses alike. 

Topics include: 

  • Music Publishing and Digital Media 
  • Music Business Basics – Publishing / Recording / Sampling 
  • You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone – The Implications of Bankruptcy
  • Licensing Music for Broadway
  • International Focus - Global Database Efforts
  • Taking the Band on the Road – Tour Accounting
  • Ethics and Everyday Practice
  • Trends in Branding and Merchandising
  • It’s Still About the Money – Royalty and Licensing Audits
  • Copyright Law and Litigation – Annual Review 

Full Program Description  


Bundle and SAVE: EXCLUSIVE Member Benefit - Bundling/Discount for Recorded Products 
Bundle your recorded CLE program purchases and save up to 40% off of your cart total! Here’s how it works: 

Select your recorded programs by format ( online video/audio streamingDVD/CD) and place them in your shopping cart.  The more products/credits you place in your shopping cart, the bigger the discount: 4 credits or more earns you 10% off of your shopping cart total; 8 or more credits earn 20% off; 10 or more 30% and 12 or more a maximum of 40% in savings.  


Were you unable to make it EASL’s Annual Meeting Program? Purchase the recording and receive 4.0 credits in Professional Practice (Non-Transitional) 

The program included two panels:

First Annual Television General Counsel Roundtable (2.0 credits in Areas of Professional Practice)

The Television and Radio Committee (“TVR”) of the New York State Bar Association’s Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section (“EASL”), is pleased to present its inaugural annual Television General Counsel Roundtable, part of a slate of innovative programs planned by the TVR for 2017. 

To help kick-off what will be a rare colloquy among the top U.S. cable television attorneys, Moderator Eriq Gardner, Senior Editor of the Hollywood Reporter, has selected some of the most significant entertainment law cases of 2016, in order to spark a lively discussion concerning the most pressing legal and business issues confronting media and entertainment lawyers (and their clients) today, including the free-speech rights of filmmakers who transform real-life stories into theatrical films; the current battle over reshaping access to television programming via so-called over-the-top television and set-top boxes; related FCC action regarding net neutrality and the promotion of independent programming; and, the copyright implications of pre-1972 sound recordings used by television and radio today. Insights provided by the moderator and panelists on these and other issues will help illuminate current media and entertainment business practices, trends, challenges and opportunities.

Moderator: Eriq Gardner, Senior Editor, The Hollywood Reporter

Nadja Webb Cogsville, Esq.
, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, VH1, LOGO, BET, CENTRIC, Music Strategy
Michael Fricklas, Esq., Executive Vice president, General Counsel and Secretary, Viacom Networks
Cynthia Gibson, Esq., Executive President and Chief Legal Office, Scripps Networks Interactive
Jon Lutzky, Esq., General Counsel, Vice Media
Jeffrey Schneider, Esq., Executive Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs, National Geographic Partners

Crisis Management For Celebrities (2.0 credits in Areas of Professional Practice)

What may be a crisis for one celebrity may not be one for another, but there are certain events that would universally be viewed as a crisis for most individuals in the public eye. From high visibility criminal proceedings to significant civil actions and accusations in the media, this panel will explore crisis management from the perspective of the criminal defense attorney, the civil litigator, the transactional attorney, the manager and the publicist. Each has a unique and integral role in guiding the celebrity through troubled waters in a stress filled time.

Moderator: Brian D. Caplan, Esq., Reitler Kailas & Rosenblatt LLC, New York City

Susan Arons, Rubenstein Communications, New York City
Benjamin Brafman, Esq., Brafman & Associates, PC, New York City
Paul Rosenberg, Goliath Artists, New York City
Theodor K. Sedlmayr, II, Esq., Sedlmayr & Associates, PC, New York City 


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