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Welcome to the world of Entertainment Law.  The New York State Bar Association's Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law Section (“EASL”) encompasses a variety of areas of law and is driven as much by the particular industry business (Film, TV, Music, Theatre, Literary, Fine Arts, Sports) as it is by the corresponding area of law (Copyright, Trademark, Contract, Labor, and Antitrust).

Since Copyright Law is at the heart of much of what Entertainment Lawyers do (aside from Sports, perhaps), we would recommend you start with a Copyright Law primer.  Thanks to our friends at the Intellectual Property Law Section, there is a recorded program that provides an exceptional overview of Copyright Law, and we have included a link below.

Mentioned in the Copyright Law primer is the oft-raised defense to copyright infringement:  Fair Use.  Thus it is very important that the Entertainment Lawyer have a good understanding of what is deemed Fair Use, and therefore a permissible use of a copyrighted work, as well as what is not deemed Fair Use.  In practice, determining Fair Use can be very tricky.  Therefore, our next sequential recommendation is one that EASL produced which focuses on Fair Use across various disciplines.

Once you’ve viewed the Copyright Law primer and Fair Use program, there are an assortment of programs available to you to learn more about the law in a particular industry business, for example, Music or Fine Arts.  We recommend, however, that your next selection be EASL’s Introduction to Entertainment Law 2016, specifically geared to attorneys new to field.  This program uses a fact pattern and discusses life story rights and their use in a variety of mediums – Film, TV, and Theatre.

We hope our initial recommendations are helpful, and we will continue to create paths for your consideration as our recorded library grows.

IP Copyright Program

EASL Fair Use Across the Media Program 

EASL Introduction to Life Story Rights, Film, TV and Theatre

Bridging the Gap Segments
Entertainment Law 101
Attorney as Agent | | Key Lawyering Tips for New Attorneys Breaking into the Field of Sports Management

Other Recorded Programs 

 Introduction to Entertainment Law (2018)

Inside Auction Houses (2017)

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and the Law (2017)

Art Law: Skills and Practice (2017)

Food Truck Law (2017)

Celebrity Endorsements: Legal Considerations (2017)

Music Business and Law Conference (2016)

Television General Counsel Round-table

Introduction to Entertainment Law (2016)

Traditional and New Trends in Trade Book Publishing (2015)

Fair Use Across the Media (2014)

The Battle for Over-the-Air TV Transmissions (2014)

Music Licensing Basics (2014)

Introduction to Sports Law (2012)

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