Complete List of E-Books

Admission to the New York State Bar

Attorney Escrow Accounts, 4th Edition

Best Practices in Legal Management (w/Forms)

Commercial Leasing, 4th Edition

Condemnation Law and Procedures in NY

Construction Site Personal Injury Litigation, 2nd Edition

Consumer Bankruptcy, 2nd Edition

Contesting New York State Tax Assessments, 4th Edition

Contract Doctrine & Marital Agreements in New York, 3d Edition

Counseling Content Providers in the Digital Age

The Courts of New York: A Guide to Court Procedures

Criminal and Civil Contempt, 2nd Edition

Criminal Discovery

Debt Collection & the Enforcement of Money Judgments, 2nd Edition

Depositions Practice and Procedure, 2nd Edition

Disability Law and Practice—Book One

Disability Law and Practice—Book Two

Disability Law and Practice—Book Three

(Siegel on) Entertainment Law 

Entertainment Litigation

Evidentiary Privileges, Sixth Edition

Foundation Evidence, Questions and Courtroom Protocol, 5th Edition

Grow Your Practice: Legal Marketing & Business Development Strategies
Handbook for Appeals to the Court of Appeals

Impasse Resolution Under the Taylor Law, 2nd Edition

In the Arena: A Sports Law Handbook

Insurance Law Practice, Second Edition 2016 rev.

Lefkowitz on Pub Sector Lab & Employment Law

Legal Careers in NY State Government, 10th ed.

Legal Manual for New York Physicians, Fifth Edition

Legal Writer: Drafting NY Civil-Litigation Documents

Legal Writer: Writing It Right

Making a Modern Constitution

Model Partnership Agreements for New York Firms 

Municipal Ethics in New York: A Primer for Attorneys and Public Officials

New York Antitrust and Consumer Protection Law

New York Contract Law: A Guide for Non-NY Attorneys

New York Criminal Practice, 5th ed.

New York State Public Health Legal Manual

NYSBA NY Rules of Professional Conduct

Pathway to the Profession: From Law School to Lawyer

Post-Trial Practice and Procedures

Probate and Administration of N Y Estates, 2nd Ed

Products Liability in New York, 2nd ed.

Protecting the Catastrophically Injured Personal Injury Plaintiff's Recovery

 Real Estate Transactions—Contaminated Property Mitigation

 Sales & Use Tax & the NY Construction Industry

The Planning Ahead Guide 

The Practice of Criminal Law Under the CPLR 6th

Workers' Compensation Law and Practice in NY

Understanding the Second Amendment