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David L. Ferstendig, an expert on New York civil practice and procedure, has been named editor of the New York State Law Digest. Ferstendig of New York City succeeds David D. Siegel, widely recognized as a leading expert on New York’s Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR). Siegel edited and wrote the Law Digest for 37 years. He passed away in October, 2014. 

 “Professor Siegel’s legal observations sprinkled with humor made the Law Digest a must-read for attorneys,” said NYSBA President Glenn Lau-Kee. “Those attorneys will find that David Ferstendig brings his own brand of insight and wit to the Law Digest while upholding the high standards set by Professor Siegel.”

 Ferstendig has litigated a spectrum of civil and commercial matters in his 33 years of practice. He has represented clients regarding breach of contract, products liability, toxic tort, insurance and reinsurance coverage, jewelers’ block, political risk, environmental liability, trade secret and professional indemnity. Ferstendig is past chair of the Bar Association’s CPLR Committee, which evaluates and drafts proposed legislation. He is also general editor of “New Civil Practice: CPLR” (Weinstein, Korn & Miller), a 15-volume litigation treatise considered authoritative by New York state and federal courts. He is a graduate of Yeshiva University and New York University School of Law. 

 “What I hope to achieve is to assure that the Digest remains an important resource and be eminently readable and perhaps, at times, entertaining,” said Ferstendig. “I want readers to rely on the Digest to stay updated on issues that impact them in their everyday practice of law,” he said, adding he intends to provide email alerts on pressing issues between monthly publications of the Law Digest

 Ferstendig also is an adjunct professor of law at New York Law School and has lectured extensively on civil practice issues. He was a panelist at New York University School of Law in March 2013 for the symposium, “The CPLR at Fifty: Its Past, Present, and Future,” which resulted in the publication of “The CPLR: A Practitioner’s Perspective.” 

 Published by the Bar Association for 40 years, the Law Digest reports on important opinions from the Court of Appeals, and in special situations, other courts. Ferstendig’s first issue is expected in May.

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