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Law, Youth and Citizenship Program

LYC 43rd Annual Civics and Law-Related Education Conference

Student and Faculty Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues - What Can School Districts Do?

Friday, October 4, 2019 | 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Embassy Suites | Saratoga Springs, NY 

Attorneys: Earn up to 6.0 CLE credits (5.0 professional practice; 1.0 ethics)
Educators: Earn up to 5.0 CTLE credits

As the number of students and faculty members experiencing mental health and substance abuse issues continues to grow, school districts need to learn what constitutes the state of the law in this area as well as best practices to ensure that they are working towards the goal of protecting all members of the educational community.   In addition, learn whether what students tell school counselors and staff is truly “private”.

Whether you are an attorney, teacher, administrator or a person who is simply interested in this topic, come and explore the thorny issues which this topic presents for school districts as educators and as employers. As an added bonus, attorneys receive one continuing credit hour of Ethics! For educators, join a discussion of seasoned educators, school psychologists and social workers to determine best practices for how staff can work together to support the whole child.

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New York Statewide Mock Trial Tournament       

In this educational program, co-sponsored by The New York Bar Foundation, high school students have the opportunity to gain first hand knowledge of civil/criminal law and courtroom procedures. Thousands of students participate each year.  Objectives of the tournament are to:  Teach students ethics, civility and professionalism; Further students’ understanding of the law, court procedures and the legal system; Improve proficiency in basic life skills, such as listening, speaking, reading and reasoning; Promote better communication and cooperation among the school community, teachers and students and members of the legal profession, and; Heighten appreciation for academic studies and stimulate interest in law-related careers.  

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