PATCH Partnership Feature Section 150x120L.Y.C. / Project P.A.T.C.H.  – 2014  Summer Institute

“Civic Learning and Civic Engagement for all Students” 

4-Day Law and Civic Education Professional Development Opportunity

30 Hours ~    2 in-service credits    ~   Grades K-12   ~   3 Graduate Credit Option Available
Fee:  $50 per registrant      Dates: June 30 – July 3, 2014   Time: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.   Place:  Touro Law Center


• This Institute is Common Core Aligned, Interdisciplinary, and appropriate for teachers providing instruction at all grade levels.  
• Literacy skills for College, Career and Civic Life (C3) are heavily emphasized. (Read More) 

 Decide which is your first and second strand choice, then decide if you want graduate credit, and then click the link below to register online.  Registration fees will need to be mailed separately.
    (Online registration will close on June 23rd.  Please call or email David Scott using the information below to check availability after June 23rd)

LYC (The Law, Youth and Citizenship Program of the New York State Bar Association) and Project P.A.T.C.H. (Law and Citizenship Education Program of the Northport - East Northport U.F.S.D.) will offer this 4-day, 30-hour in-service Summer Institute at Touro Law Center, Central Islip, NY.  This is a great opportunity to learn new strategies and obtain new resources (materials provided) to develop your professional skills in the area of Law, Citizenship and Civic Engagement.  The 2014 Institute offers 
5 separate strands.  Select the one that best meets your training needs.  The strands are:

#1) News Literacy -   This new offering will empower classroom teachers to develop essential skills in the new C3 Framework for College, Career and Civic Life for all students.  In the “digital age” our students are constantly bombarded by information from multiple media sources.  To be informed, engaged and responsible citizens our students must be able to determine what information is news, what information is credible, what information is fair (unbiased),and what information is "actionable.” Developed in partnership with the Center for News Literacy in the School of Journalism at Stony Brook University, this strand will allow for guided exploration of the News Literacy Curriculum as well as opportunities for each participant to work with content and instructional experts to tailor turn-key resources and strategies to meet their own students instructional needs and learning outcomes. (Faculty- Janis Schachter) 

#2) Technology Integration for Civic Learning – Effectively integrating technology into the learning experience for all students provides unique and exciting new ways to engage students in developing essential skills for College, Career and Civic Life. This strand will provide teachers of all technological abilities a unique opportunity to work in an intensive, small group / hands-on setting with an Instructional Technology Resource Specialist to explore multiple online resources, digital tools, and instructional strategies that support student growth as responsible, engaged and effective citizens, including how to generate an active yet positive digital footprint.  Turn-key resources will be shared including materials generously provided by iCivics, Justice O’Connor’s award winning online civics program.  (Faculty- Danielle Milazzo)

#3) The Courts, the Constitution and the Classroom– This strand is now CLOSED.

#4) Criminal Justice for Educators- This strand will provide educators greater insight into the function of our Criminal Justice system.  Due to our new location at Touro Law Center, and close proximity to the state and federal courts, this strand will offer new content and expert presenters with vast experience in federal level law enforcement.  Content will include a focus on core Criminal Justice curriculum that should be a part of a secondary level course either as a stand alone elective or infused within existing courses covering government and civics.  Expert presenters who are practicing Criminal Justice professionals will be featured as guest speakers along with an experienced Social Studies instructor to offer practical classroom applications and resources.  Through better understanding of the Criminal Justice system all educators participating will be empowered to assist there students in avoiding destructive decisions.  Issues of bullying, online misconduct and harassment in the school environment will featured through the lens of issues addressed by the Dignity for All Students Act.  (Faculty- Stacey Schults)

#5)  Mock Trial Leadership and Instruction – This strand is now CLOSED.

  CLICK HERE for our presenter bios

    Please note that we also have an opportunity to earn graduate credit through Stony Brook University. 
For participants that have earned graduate credit through a PATCH Summer Institute in the past, you should note that a “new” graduate course is offered this year.  See the links below about graduate credit from Stony Brook University.  The graduate credit is an option.  It is not required to participate.  Tuition of $939 will be due by June 23rd.  To help participants plan for this expense please note that while checks are due by June 23rd we will not deposit them until after July 7th.

Teachers not seeking graduate credit will be provided a certificate of completion for the 30-hour institute which you can provide to your school district for up to 2 in-service credits.  Note that in-service credit is awarded at the discretion of your district. Some districts award 3 in-service credits for this institute.  Applicants completing graduate credit will need to order a transcript from Stony Brook University at the conclusion of the course to provide to their district as required by their employer.  Applicants should obtain prior approval, if required, by their school district prior to enrollment.  The graduate course being offered this year is pre-approved as a “content” course for employees of the Northport – East Northport UFSD. 
Links (open and print all that are applicable to your application):
Link #1- Summer Institute Flyer (pdf) 
Link #2- Graduate Credit information and Course Description (pdf)

 Decide which is your first and second strand choice, then decide if you want graduate credit, and then click the link below to register.  Registration fees will need to be mailed separately.
    (Online registration will close on June 23rd.  Please call or email David Scott using the information below to check availability after June 23rd)
or e-mail David Scott at

Complete online Registration at this link and mail $50 registration fee to:  


1 Elk St. 

Albany, NY 12207.  

For students seeking graduate credit you will be contacted with special instructions for enrollment in the Stony Brook Graduate Course.  You must still mail the $50 registration fee as explained above.  

CLICK HERE to register:

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