Pathway to the Profession E-Newsletter, Issue 2, Fall 2015

Pathway E-News Banner Issue 2
Pathway Round-up – Fall 2015

The semester started during the hot and hazy days of August, when we headed to 1L orientation programs at Albany Law School, St. John's University School of Law, Touro Law School, Hofstra University School of Law and Syracuse University College of Law.

NYSBA Sections Help Pave Your Pathway to Practice  

by Patricia Stockli, Director of Section Services  

As a student member, you receive one free Section membership, in addition to membership in the Young Lawyers Section.  If you know what practice area interests you, then join that Section and begin making the professional connections that will be invaluable to your career. If you aren't sure which practice area interests you, join a few Sections to learn where your interests lie.

1L of a Ride: Goals for the first Semester  

by Christopher Jennison, 3L at Syracuse College of Law  

Congratulations to all the new 1Ls! These next few years will have much hard work, many highs and hopefully not too many lows. After that, though, a promising career of advocacy is in store. This first year is a crucial one, as you have likely heard, your grades this first year are essential for when you apply for 2L summer positions, if you consider transferring, and likely when you are being interviewed for post-graduation employment.  

Derivative Neglect  

by Priyanka Verma, 2L at Hofstra Law School  

Can a derivative finding be made against the respondent as to his own biological child based on the abuse of the subject child if the respondent is not found to be the person legally responsible ("PLR") of the abused child but is found to have, by a preponderance of the evidence, abused that child?

Where Can I Network:  Part One  

by Eugene Frenkel, 2L at Cardozo Law School  

Without networking, we would not have promotions, clients, friends, or even opportunities. Networking is at the core of human interaction and it is something that everyone fears.   

Next Generation Learning  

by Lexi Herman, 3L at New York Law School  

With today's technology, an author no longer needs a traditional publishing company to be successful.  So why are students still being forced to purchase traditionally published books?  There are many reasons why professors should choose to use e-textbooks instead.   First, there is the price difference.   

How the 1993 Yugoslav Refugee Crisis Influenced My Legal Career  

by Matthias Brown, Esq. Young Lawyer Section Member

It was not an easy decision to become an attorney and I considered many career choices before settling on attending law school. The following is why I chose the law. The pathway towards my decision began in 1993.