Pathway to the Profession E-Newsletter, Issue 3, Winter 2015

Winter 2015

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The African-American Law Student
Lawyer Assistance... Here For You Every Step of the Way
To "B" or not to "UBE"
Meet the International Section
The First Generation of Cyberbullies
NYSBA Communities:  Your Networking Connection

2016 New York State Bar Association Annual Meeting - January 25 thru January 30

Pathway to the Profession Bar Leaders Breakfast and House of Delegates

Intellectual Property Law Section - Young Lawyers Reception 

Schedule of Law School Activities

The African-American Law Student
by Eno-Obong Essien
, 2L at Albany Law School

"According to a survey conducted last year, blacks account for about fifty percent of Brazil’s 200 million people of African descent but only 1.4 percent of Brazil’s 18,600 judges are black or mixed race... but one of the things I noticed as I oriented myself and delved into my work assignments was that few of the associates and partners, if any, are black."

Lawyer Assistance... Here For You Every Step of the Way
by Patricia Spataro, Director, Lawyer Assistance Program

"The pressure of long hours, demanding clients, stress, and the ever-present focus on the billable hour does not leave much room for balance or a general sense of emotional well-being. Yet, emotional health and well-being are essential to meeting the high demands and expectations of the law profession.  Do you see the catch 22?"

The First Generation of Cyberbullies
by Lexi Herman, 3L at New York Law School

"About 44% of millennials admitted to being a victim of cyber-bullying in the last year.  This begs the question:  If millennials are so tech conscience, why are they more apt to be victim of cyber-bullying?"

Meet the International Section
by Tiffany Bardwell, International Section Staff Liaison

"We organize exceptional meetings in important international settings. In addition, we are often the first bar association to hold events in many such locations. Our past meetings have taken place in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Toronto, CA; Vienna, AT; Hanoi, VN; Sydney, AU." 

To "B" or not to "UBE"
by Solmez Mahalli, 3L at CUNY Law School

"According to the BOLE, only 10,671 candidates sat for the July bar, the lowest number of candidates to take a July bar since 2006. Of those examinees, both first time takers and repeats, only 61% passed, compared to the 65% of 11,195 examinee’s passage in July 2014. With the low number of examinees and bar pass rates, will the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) be a relief or will it exacerbate ailing numbers?"

NYSBA Communities:  Your Networking Connection
by Brandon Vogel, Social Media and Web Content Manager

"There were more than 10,000 discussions in 2015 alone. You have direct access to New York’s best and brightest attorneys in your chosen field. Members have described the communities as “invaluable” and an important part of their day. All discussions are stored and searchable by topic on the Communities website (, so you don’t have to worry if you cannot find a discussion in your Inbox)."

Attention Students!

The Business Law, Commercial and Federal Litigation, Corporate Counsel, Entertainment, Arts & Sports, Intellectual Property, International Law, and Real Property Sections has limited openings for you to attend one of their programs and/or luncheons at the 2016 Annual Meeting.  Email Alex Englander at for more details.