Pro Bono News Schedule and Submission Information

The Pro Bono Newsletter is changing. The newsletter will now be published 4 times a year. We will no longer be publishing themed editions and contributors are welcome to write about any topic that pertains to pro bono. Spotlights will be printed in place of special editions and additional information is provided below. With these changes, deadlines will be very important and any articles received after the deadline will be printed in the next edition of the newsletter.

We are also adding an Upcoming Events page, where contributors can get the word out about upcoming events. Please make sure to  provide event information in advance to ensure it is printed in the correct edition.

Below is the new submission due date and distribution date schedule. Unless otherwise noted, the dates will remain the same every year.

To submit an article for the newsletter, click HERE.

Thank your for your contribution to the Pro Bono News.

New Submission Schedule, Effective November 1, 2014


 Article Due Date

 Newsletter Distribution Date

 Winter 3rd Monday of December
 Last week of January
 Empire State Counsel(R) Spotlight*
 February 28th
 Last week of March
 Spring 3rd Monday of March Last week of April
 Summer 3rd Monday of June Last week of July
 Fall 3rd Monday of September Last week of October

* Empire State Counsel(R) Spotlight- This special spotlight will feature the members of the Empire State Counsel(R). This edition will include the full list of Empire State Counsel(R) members for the previous year along with the Photo Gallery and photos from the Justice For All Luncheon. Blurbs about the attorneys will also be included and can be submitted by anyone with firsthand knowledge of the attorney’s pro bono work. These blurbs must include the name of the author and must be kept to one paragraph in length [if provided by a client, Client or other variation of their name may be used in place of the authors name]. Messages of congratulation may be submitted for this Spotlight edition. These messages can either be in the form of a few sentences or they can be in pre-made ad form [1/4 page 2 3/4 x 2 1/8]. Ads must be in pdf, photo shop, in-design, ie hi-res photo form; it must be an unsecured file and should not include bleed/crop marks. All submissions must be received by the February 28th.

Newsletter FAQ

All submitted articles should follow these guidelines:

  • Word documents only (no PDF's)
  • All documents must include the following elements:
    • Title
    • Author
    • Author's title
  • All pictures submitted must have a caption which includes the names of those pictured and/or the event.
    • Photos must be attached to the email to ensure the best quality photo for printing
      • The attached photos may also be imbedded in the article to show where you intended them to be placed.
  • The word pro bono should be written without italics, not in bold and in lowercase text.
  • All submissions should be sent by email no later than the due date.
    • Articles received after the due date will appear in the next edition of the news letter
  • Word/Page Limit: 1000 words/2-single spaced pages. 
    • Articles should be at least 1-single spaced page in length.
  • Articles should be saved using the first 5 words of the title as their file name.
  • Upcoming Events Section **NEW**
    • Each edition will now  contain an upcoming events section. This section will highlight upcoming awards, CLE, clinics and other events of interest to the pro bono community. Event information should be submitted as follows:
      • word documents only
      • All submissions must include:
        • Event Title
        • Event Date
        • Event Time
        • Event Location
        • Event cost if applicable
      • Events should be submitted according to the newsletter publication date; i.e. event dates should be after the publication date.