Pro Bono News Schedule and Submission Information

The Pro Bono Newsletter is published approximately six times per year and is comprised of articles and information from Pro Bono Coordinators and attorneys from across the state. For your convenience below is a list of article submission deadlines. Please note this schedule is subject to change and special edition's may be added during the year. 

To submit an article for the newsletter, please send an email indicating the newsletter it is to be included in to

Thank your for your contribution to the Pro Bono News.


Summer Edition: Due by May 22, 2014

Partnership Edition: Due by August 25, 2014

National Pro Bono Week Edition: Due by October 1, 2014

Veterans Day Edition: Due by October 27, 2014


Annual Meeting Edition: Due by December 29, 2014

Empire State Counsel Edition: Due by February 9, 2015

Law Day Edition: Due by April 6, 2015

Summer Edition: Due by July 6, 2015

National Pro Bono Week Edition: Due by September 14, 2015

Veterans Day Edition: Due by October26, 2015


Annual Meeting Edition: Due by December 28, 2015

Newsletter FAQ

All submitted articles should follow these guidelines:

  • Word documents only (no PDF's)
  • All documents must include the following elements:
    • Title
    • Author
    • Author's title
  • All pictures submitted must have a caption which includes the names of those pictured and/or the event.
  • The word pro bono should be written without italics, not in bold and in lowercase text.
  • All submissions should be sent by email no later than the due date.
  • Word/Page Limit: 1000 words/2-single spaced pages. 
    • Articles should be at least 1-single spaced page in length.