The New York State Bar Association Real Property Law Section serves New York real property lawyers and the public, promotes the successful transaction of real estate business in New York State, and contributes to the sound development of real property law in New York State. 

The Real Property Law Section, in collaboration with the Committee on Continuing Legal Education, has produced recorded CLE programs on various topics including property transactions, leases, zoning, disclosure, and cooperatives and condominiums. Our recorded archive offers a robust curriculum of both beginner and advanced real property topics.

We hope our initial recommendations are helpful, and we will continue to create paths for your consideration as our recorded library grows.

Beginner Real Property Programs

Real Property Tax Assessment Litigation and Appeals (2018)

Removing Real Estate Development Obstacles: Zoning, Restrictive Covenants, Easements, Adverse Possession and Boundary Disputes | November 2017 

Purchases and Sales of Homes (2015)

Mortgage Foreclosures and Workouts (2016)

Easement Law in New York (2016)

Easements, Adverse Possession and Property Disputes (2015)

Fundamentals of a Real Estate Sale or Purchase (2014) 

Tax Aspects of Real Property Transactions (2013)

Landlord and Tenant Rights and Foreclosure (2013) 

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: RESPA, TILA & New Rule (2015) 

Real Estate 101: Boundary Line Disputes (Bridging the Gap August 2016) 

Lease Agreements/Commercial Real Estate 101 (Bridging the Gap August 2015)

Basics of Landlord Tenant Practice (Bridging the Gap March 2015) 

Fundamentals of a Real Estate Sale or Purchase (Bridging the Gap December 2014)

Advanced Real Property Programs

Advanced Real Estate Topics 2017 

The Art of the Brownfield Deal (2017)

Advanced Real Estate Topics (2016)

Advanced Topics in Condominiums and Cooperative Law (2012)

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