NYSBA Annual Membership Dues

Member Dues Infographic 3

Antitrust Law* $30
Business Law** $25
Commercial & Federal Litigation* $40
Corporate Counsel* $30
Criminal Justice* $35
Dispute Resolution*** $35
Elder Law* $30
Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law* $35
Environmental Law* $35
Family Law* $35
Food, Drug & Cosmetic Law* $25
General Practice** $25
Health Law** $30
Intellectual Property Law* $30
International† $35
Judicial $25 (Limited to Judges of Courts of Record)
Labor & Employment Law** $35
Municipal Law* $30
Real Property Law* $40 ($10 for attorneys admitted five years or less; free for law students)
Senior Lawyers $20 (Attorneys age 55 and over)
Tax* $25
Torts, Insurance, & Compensation Law** $40
Trial Lawyers* $30
Trusts & Estates Law** $40
Young Lawyers $20 (Law students and attorneys admitted less than 10 years)

* Law Student Rate: half price
** Law Student Rate: $5
*** Law Student Rate: $10
† Law Student Rate: $12.50

INFORMATION FOR NYSBA MEMBERS LOCATED OUTSIDE THE U.S.: Wire Transfer Information: Please make payment in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank or a wire transfer through JP Morgan Chase, 12 Corporate Way, 4th Floor, Albany, New York 12211. The ABA number is 021000021; the bank account number is 777-050803. The beneficiary is: New York State Bar Association, One Elk Street, Albany, New York 12207. Regarding foreign transfers, the Swift Code is: CHASUS33. Important Note: Please be sure to include the member’s name and membership identification number with the payment (complete processing of the payment will not be possible without this information.) Publication Surcharges: Surcharges are added to the dues above to cover the additional postal costs incurred with mailing the State Bar News ($40), the NYSBA Journal ($40), and the New York State Law Digest ($15). Visit www.nysba.org/subscriptionpublication to find out how to avoid these fees. Please note: during the member’s first year of NYSBA membership no publication surcharges are incurred — this rule applies to both newly admitted attorneys and non-newly admitted or established attorneys.

Dues Waivers are available in cases of disability or financial hardship. Participation (based upon financial hardship) is limited to two consecutive years, minus extenuating circumstances. Reduced membership dues are also available for attorneys who: are 70 years of age or older; have been NYSBA members for 25 years or more; and, are fully retired from the practice of law. Call 800.582.2452/518.463.3200 for more information.