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Practitioners Handbook for Appeals to Appellate Divisions

Practitioner's Handbook for Appeals to the Appellate Divisions of the State of New York
Second Edition

Hon. Alan D. Scheinkman
New York State Supreme Court
White Plains, NY

Professor David D. Siegel
Distinguished Professor of Law
Albany Law School

Key Benefits
• Learn about recent statutory changes and rule revisions
• Access valuable forms necessary to perfect your appeal
• Be able to handle an appeal in any of the four Departments with confidence

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The taking and the perfecting of a civil or criminal appeal includes meeting inflexible time requirements, getting the record and briefs together, and bringing the appeal to argument or submission. A simple, concise and clearly written brief and effective argument are also imperative to insure that your client's chance of success on appeal is maximized.

Written by Alan D. Scheinkman and Professor David D. Siegel, Practitioner's Handbook for Appeals to the Appellate Divisions of the State of New York, Second Edition, is the authoritative guide for handling appeals to the four Appellate Divisions.

The Handbook covers all aspects of taking a civil or criminal appeal to the New York State Appellate Divisons. It addresses the statutory changes, rule revisions and changes in practice which have occurred since publication of the landmark first edition, written primarily by Professor Siegel.

In addition to comprehensive coverage of the substantive law and procedural requirements for handling appeals, the authors provide practical advice as to the best methods of appellate practice. The clerks from each of the four Appellate Divisions reviewed manuscript drafts and provided important insights into the practices of their respective courts, making this book an even more valuable reference. Also included are commonly used forms for filing civil or criminal appeals.

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