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Debt Collection & the Enforcement of Money Judgments, 2nd Ed

Debt Collection and the Enforcement of Money Judgments
Second Edition

Paul A. Peters, Esq.
Bulan Chiari Horwitz & Ilecki
Buffalo, NY

Key Benefits
•Learn how to handle all aspects of debt collections and the enforcement of money judgments
•Access forms for various debt collection procedures
•Understand restrictions on collection procedures
•Increase your confidence to institute suit

Product Description
This book covers general debt collection practice in New York State and provides instruction on the pertinent current rules as well as guidelines, cautions, forms and recommendations. While this book is primarily intended as a guide for attorneys who regularly engage in debt collection and the enforcement of money judgments, from time to time virtually every attorney is called on by a friend or relative to provide advice or assistance in that area. With this in mind, this book is intended to be a text of first reference for attorneys who only occasionally practice in this area.

Additional Information:

The new second edition, under the editorship of Paul A. Peters, not only updates case and statutory law but also addresses new issues within this field, providing in-depth analyses of key topics. From the determination of proper party defendants, claim and collection evaluation and preliminary investigation, through demands on the debtor, litigation alternatives and litigation procedures, Debt Collection and the Enforcement of Money Judgments offers assistance at every step.

Contents at a Glance
Chapter 1 Determining Proper Party Defendant
Chapter 2 Evaluating the Claim.
Chapter 3 Preliminary Investigation and Aids
Chapter 4 Demand Upon the Debtor
Chapter 5 Debt Collection Restrictions
Chapter 6 Alternatives to Litigation
Chapter 7 Instituting Suit
Chapter 8 Commencing Lawsuit
Chapter 9 Procedures During Litigation
Chapter 10 The Constitutional Challenge to CLPR Article 52
Chapter 11 Evaluating Collection Prospects
Chapter 12 Post-judgment Procedures
Chapter 13 Effect of Bankruptcy Act
Chapter 14 Miscellaneous Provisions

Table of Contents and Author Biography

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