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Mechanic's Liens--2013-2014

Mechanic's Liens--2013-2014
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George Foster Mackey, Esq.
Saddle River, NJ
Norman D. Alvy, Esq.
Melville, NY

Key Benefits
• Learn to prepare, file and enforce a mechanic-s lien on behalf of a contractor or supplier who has not been paid for construction work performed
• Know how to protect the interests of a property owner through substituting other security, or by learning how to defend against or vacate liens
• Understand the difference between public and private mechanic-s liens

Product Description
The Mechanic's Liens practice guide has been updated and redesigned and is now part of the New York Lawyers- Practical Skills Series. The 2013-2014 release is current through the 2013 New York legislative session. Covering the methods of preparing, filing and enforcing mechanic's liens on both public and private works construction, this practice guide addresses pleadings in an action to foreclose the private or public lien, the construction trust, and more. Written by George Foster Mackey, Esq., and Norman D. Alvy, Esq., this practice guide is even more valuable with the inclusion of Forms on CD.

The nature of construction work often leads to disagreements and resultant delays. These delays in construction can mean that a contractor won-t be paid right away or, worse, at all. Mechanic-s liens are intended to protect the interest of a contractor or supplier. A property owner will see the filing of a mechanic-s lien as a nuisance and, implicitly, as a threat. A thorough understanding of mechanic-s liens is crucial, whether you represent the construction industry or a property owner.

Discussion of the amendments to Lien Law sections 19(4) and 21(5), which completely overhaul the procedure for “bonding off” the lien for public and private liens, is included along with updates to case and statutory law.

Numerous practice guides and forms commonly used in connection with Lien Law procedures are provided, making Mechanic-s Liens an invaluable reference for all attorneys who practice in this field.

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George Foster Mackey, Esq. and Norman D. Alvy, Esq.
December 01, 2013
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