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Foundation Evidence, Questions and Courtroom Protocols, 4 Ed

Foundation Evidence, Questions and Courtroom Protocols,
Fourth Edition

Hon. Edward M. Davidowitz
Judicial Hearing Officer, Bronx County Supreme Court

Robert L. Dreher, Esq.
Executive Assistant District Attorney, Bronx County District Attorney's Office

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Key Benefits
• Access hundreds of questions and checklists to introduce your evidence properly
• Be prepared with proper questions and authority for a particular method of questioning
• Know the proper methods for establishing a chain of custody for introducing physical evidence and for introducing evidence to impeach witnesses
• Learn principles of courtroom procedure, behavior and decorum

Product Description
Unless parties have stipulated to the introduction of a specific piece of evidence or testimony, an attorney wishing to present that evidence must ask proper questions to insure that the court will permit its introduction.

Attorneys who do not ask correct foundation questions may find themselves frustrated by a string of sustained objections. If precise evidentiary rules are addressed inarticulately, or carelessly, or not at all, the impact or importance of the evidence may be affected.

This manual contains a collection of forms and protocols that provide the necessary predicate or foundation questions for the introduction of common forms of evidence such as business records, photos or contraband. It includes basic questions that should be answered before a document or item can be received in evidence or a witness qualified as an expert. The questions can be modified or changed to fit specific problems, issues or an individual judge's rulings.

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Hon. Edward M. Davidowitz & Robert L. Dreher, Esq.
September 30, 2012
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