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Public Sector Labor and Employment Law--Third Edition

Public Sector Labor and Employment Law, Third Edition Revised 2013
Jerome Lefkowitz, Esq.
Public Employment Relations Board
Albany, NY

Additional Information:

John M. Crotty, Esq.
Delmar, NY

Jean Doerr, Esq.
Public Employment Relations Board|
Buffalo, NY

Richard K. Zuckerman, Esq.
Lamb & Barnosky, LLP
Melville, NY

Key Benefits
• Better navigate the regulatory network and the various facets of the Taylor Law in relation to employee rights, union rights and employer rights
• Know how to tackle the representation process with regard to PERBs and mini-PERBs
• Learn to identify improper practices and understand the duty to negotiate

Product Description
The 2013 Revision is a complete reprint of the popular Third Edition, with updates to every chapter that reflects additional relevant case and statutory developments. Also included with this supplement is the 2013 edition of Mandatory/Nonmandatory Subjects of Negotiation, published by the New York State Public Employment Relations Board (PERB).
This landmark text is the leading reference on public sector labor and employment law in New York State. All practitioners will benefit from the comprehensive coverage of this book, whether they represent employees, unions or management.Practitioners new to the field, as well as the non-attorney, will benefit from the book-s clear, well-organized coverage of what can be a very complex area of law.

Contents at a Glance
Employee Rights Under the Taylor Law
Union Rights Under the Taylor Law
Employer Rights Under the Taylor Law
Duty to Negotiate
New York City Collective Bargaining Law
Administration of the Civil Service Law
Retirement Systems in New York State

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