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Sales and Use Tax and the NY Construction Industry

Sales and Use Tax and the New York Construction Industry, 2d Edition

Brian G. Cunningham, Esq.
Cunningham & Cunningham, LLP
New York, NY

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Key Benefits
•Gain knowledge about basic sales and use tax principles applicable to construction
•Learn what is taxable and who is responsible for collecting the tax
•Access overviews of New York State Department of Taxation and Finance publications, memoranda and advisory opinions affecting New York-s construction industry.

Contents at a Glance
Chapter 1 The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance; Division of Tax Appeals
and Tax Appeals Tribunal

Chapter 2 Basic Sales Tax Principles Applicable to the New York Construction Industry

Chapter 3 Capital Improvements

Chapter 4 Contracts with Exempt Organizations

Chapter 5 Purchases, Leases and Rentals of Equipment and Machinery

Chapter 6 Taxable Installations, Maintenance, Repair and Servicing of Tangible Personal
Property and Real Property

Chapter 7 Compensating Use Tax

Chapter 8 Miscellaneous

Product Description
Sales and use tax constitutes an integral component of New York's construction industry. New York Tax Law imposes sales tax on the sale or purchase of services to install, maintain, service and repair tangible personal property or real property. This edition provides practical tips and advice along with a comprehensive overview of statutes, regulations and case law relevant to construction, repair and maintenance of private projects.

When a private customer initiates a construction project upon the property it owns or leases, questions may arise as to whether or not the work amounts to a taxable repair, maintenance work or a tax-exempt capital improvement. Sales and Use Tax and the New York Construction Industry provides practical advice and a comprehensive overview of relevant statutes, regulations and applicable case law. This book is designed for readers to become familiar with New York's tax laws and the methods for handling taxpayer disputes relative to the construction industry. It includes references to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance publications, memoranda and advisory opinions that affect New York's construction industry.

Topics include transactions subject to use tax, exemption certificates, purchases of temporary services, government-funded projects and contracts with private tenants in real property owned by exempt organizations.

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