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March/April 2014, Vol. 56, No. 2

Table of Contents

State Bar continues efforts to battle mandatory pro bono reporting rule

Presidential Summit highlights need for adjusting to a changing climate

Presidential Summit panelists say legal education needs to prepare attorneys to practice

House of Delegates calls for more civics education

House of Delegates elects Miranda president for 2015 


Forum uses social media to answer questions about social media

Convocation caps year of legal education examination  

Social media and jury selection a courtroom concern

Electronic media poses risks to lawyers without buffers 

Committee explores gender equity pay gap

Presidents Society

Labor lawyers navigate uncharted waters of Affordable Care Act

Attorneys wade through maze of Affordable Care Act

How lawyers can help protect elderly from abuse

Genetic screening provides too much information or not enough

Power of genetic information as controversial as it is personal

Young Lawyers learn tips for successful work/life integration 

The clock keeps ticking for work on social justice 

Award ceremonies at Annual Meeting 2014


Kathleen Donelli receives Ruth Schapiro Award 

Judge Victoria A. Graffeo Excellence in Public Service Award Recipient

John Marwell a true professional and a pillar of the bar

Top young lawyer feted for work on death penalty and human rights

Psychologist advises divorce attorneys on how to cope with stress

House of Delegates to hold April meeting in Rochester

Lying to suspects a tricky tactic

Mediators who address culture clash bring value to negotiations

US Deputy AG promotes petitions for clemency

Changes to whistleblower law mean lawyers must adapt

Cyber thieves threaten security of confidential files and work

Association seeks executive director

Challenges and Risks of Search Engine Optimization

Internet Poses New Problems for Lawyers Who Advertise

Market for Exotic Animals Spotlights Regulatory Needs

Conflict Persists in Defining What is Confidential Information

Private online professional communities and technology bringing members together

Voting Rights Act still important but for different populations

Chief Judge launches pilot program to help civil litigants navigate courts