Family Law Section Curriculum

The purpose of this Section shall be to bring together, for the furtherance of their mutual interests, and the public interest, members of the New York State Bar Association who are concerned about matrimonial and family law.

Upcoming Programs
Matrimonial Trial Institute: A Mock Financial Trial
Wednesday, December 11 | 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. | Rochester 

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Special Education Law Update

Wednesday, March 11 | 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. | Syracuse

Family Law Section Summer Meeting 2020 - Registration page coming soon.
Thursday, July 9 - Sunday, July 12 | Massachusetts 

Beginner Level Family Law Programs
Update 2019
Matrimonial Law Basics (2019)
Basics of Handling a Custody Case (2019)
Innovations in Family Court (2019)

Family Court Practical Skills: Support, Custody Offense (2019)

Matrimonial Law Practical Skills: Preparing for and Conducting Party Depositions
Critical Areas in Matrimonial Law: Drafting Pendente Lite, Modification and In Limine Motions (2018
Basics of Matrimonial Law Practice
Family Court Trial Institute: Orders of Protection (2016)

Family Court Trial Institute: Support Hearings (2016)

Representing the Unmarried Couple (2016)

Basics of Business Valuation in Matrimonial Matters (2016)

So Custody is an Issue: What Do We Do Now? (2015)

Representing LGBT Clients After Obergefell (2015)

Bridging the Gap Segments
Drafting a Pre-Nuptial Agreement | Key Considerations
Separate Property and Comingling
Matrimonial Law | Client Counseling in New York State
Negotiating a Separation Agreement in a Matrimonial Case in New York State
Family Law 101 | Client Counseling, Separation Agreements, Child Support, Custody and Visitation
Matrimonial and Family Law Update 2017

Intermediate Level Family Law Programs

Divorce Anniversaries: Valuation, Executive Comp (2015)

Using Tax Returns to Develop your EDL & Support Case (2015)

Matrimonial Trial Institute: A Mock Financial Trial (2013) 

Advanced Level Family Law Programs
Matrimonial Trial Institute VI: Deconstructing a Business Valuation Report
Critical Areas in Matrimonial Practice:
 Evidence, Ethics & Separate Property Commingling
Qualified Retirement Plans (2017)

Understanding State & Federal Retirement Plans (2016) 

Matrimonial Law, 2018-2019
Willard H. DaSilva, Esq. Publish
Joshua B. Gruner, Esq. 

Contract Doctrine & Martial Agreements in New York - 3rd Edition
Elliot Scheinberg, Esq.

Relevant Book and Form Products of Interest for Family and Matrimonial Law
Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements in New York, Third Edition (Print)
Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements in New York, Third Edition (2016 Supplement for Past Purchasers)
Contract Doctrine and Marital Agreements in New York, Third Edition (E-Book)
PSS: Matrimonial Law, 2018-2019 (Print Edition) 
PSS: Matrimonial Law, 2018-2019 (E-Book) 
Matrimonial Law (Downloadable Forms) 
New York State Bar Association Family Law Forms--Powered by HotDocs® (Downloadable) 

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