Use the CourtAlert Calendars

CourtAlert would like the chance to show members what a "Case Tracking Service" is supposed to do.

Your free trial includes:

• a free, one month, unlimited CourtAlert® membership with absolutely no hidden fees or obligation to join. See option "3" below.
• As a first time subscriber, if you decide to join after the free trial membership, you will also receive a 10% monthly discount.

You Have Three Trial Membership Options:

1. Sign up with the "Free Trial" option directly through and you will be given two free weeks to case search and limited access to the additional features.

2. If you sign up with the "Free Trial" option directly through and specify on the on-line registration form that you heard about the service through NYSBA, you will receive a 30 day case search membership and expanded access to the additional features.

3. If you wish to activate the e-mail alerts, as well as receive the free 30 days, you must contact the CourtAlert personnel by phone or email and tell them that you are a NYSBA Member. This last alternative is the only way to experience what it is like to be a CourtAlert Subscriber.

Under the third trial membership option you can track as many cases as you like. CourtAlert can even find your cases and add them on for you. Then, whenever something relevant about your case is entered onto the court computers, they will send the CourtAlert e-mail notices to as many recipients as you see fit.

CourtAlert was the first to do this kind of Case Tracking in New York and they are still the industry leader. Their customers range from the New York City Law Department to the solo personal injury lawyer, all of which attest to their being the most cost effective service available.

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