Is it worth RISKING YOUR LICENSE over your Attorney Trust Accounts?

Random Audits happen everyday!

TAME Software & Consulting Trust Accounting Made Easy Helping Lawyers to Sleep Soundly Since 1992

  • Attorney Trust & Escrow Accounting Software & Services
  • Audit Preparation
  • Historical Record Restoration
  • Ongoing Attorney Trust Account Maintenance and Review

Trust Accounting Made Easy software manages your Attorney Trust Accounts and ensures your compliance with New York state record-keeping requirements. As a benefit to members of the New York State Bar Association, you receive a 15 percent discount on Trust Accounting Made Easy software.

"Our software has been created not only to take the confusion out of attorney trust and escrow accounting, but also to protect attorneys from potential liability and disciplinary action arising from improper or incomplete attorney trust account records."

Consulting & Accounting For Law Firms

Call for a free confidential conversation about your attorney trust accounts. Our services and software keep you prepared and in compliance, saving hours of paperwork and frustration.

TAME Software & Consulting can assist with:

  • Preparing your law firm for Random, Select, and Demand Audits
  • Historical Record Review and Restoration
  • Monthly Accounting Reviews to keep your firm in compliance
  • Full Bookkeeping Services for your Attorney Trust Accounts

"Our consulting services ensure the propriety of our client's attorney trust account records and allow them to focus on what they do best ... practice law."

Confidentially contact:
Robert D. Gelman
888-TAMELAW (888-826-3529) or 973-533-1313