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ZON041Resolution Appointing Planning BoardMicrosoft Word (1 page)
ZON042Resolution Designating Approved Training Courses for Members of Planning Board and Zoning Board of AppealsMicrosoft Word (30 pages)
ZON043Resolution of Adoption of Local LawMicrosoft Word (14 pages)
ZON044Resolution that Zoning Determinations Be Filed with Municipal Clerk
Microsoft Word (38 pages)
ZON045Resolution Waiving Training Requirements for Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals Members
Microsoft Word (4 pages)
ZON046Response to RequestMicrosoft Word (17 pages)
ZON047Section 239 Review Submission FormMicrosoft Word (5 pages)
ZON048Road Use Permits for Vehicles in Excess of Weight LimitationsMicrosoft Word (4 pages)
ZON049Site Plan DenialMicrosoft Word (5 pages)
ZON050Special Permit Granted - Sample Appeal Action Microsoft Word (4 pages)
ZON051 Special Use Permit, Granted with Conditions Microsoft Word (2 pages)
ZON052 Use Variance Denied - Sample Appeal Action Microsoft Word (1 page)
ZON053 Use Variance Granted - Sample Appeal Action Microsoft Word (1 page)
ZON054Violations Letter from Code Enforcement Officer Microsoft Word (1 page)
ZON055Zoning Amendment (With Determinations) Microsoft Word (2 pages)
ZON056 Zoning Board of Appeals Decision re Use Variance (Alternate Form) Sample Appeal Action Microsoft Word (1 page)
ZON057 Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes, Area Variance Model Microsoft Word (1 page)
ZON058 Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes, Use Variance Model Microsoft Word (1 page)
ZON059 Zoning Board of Appeals Procedure - Sample FlowchartMicrosoft Word (2 pages)
ZON060 Process for Change of Land Use Application PDF (1 page)

















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