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 Rider Clauses to Contract of Sale-New Construction

Microsoft Word (1 page)


 Rider Clauses to Contract of Sale-Condominium Unit

Microsoft Word (1 page)


 Contract of Sale- Cooperative Apartment

PDF (8 pages)


Contract of Sale- Condominium Unit 

Microsoft Word (23 pages)

RE022CExplanatory Notes - Condominium Contract of Sale Rider Microsoft Word (5 pages)
RE023Clauses to Contract of Sale - Cooperative ApartmentMicrosoft Word (2 pages)
RE024Brokerage Agreement-Seller Microsoft Word (1 page)


Blank Worksheet Form for Calculating Seller's Closing Costs

Microsoft Word (1 page)


 Rider Clauses to Contract of Sale-Seller

Microsoft Word (1 page)


Seller's Attorney's Transmittal Letter

Microsoft Word (2 pages)


 Phraseology of Typical Title Report Exceptions

Microsoft Word (1 page)


 Certification for No Information Reporting on the Sale or Exchange of a Principal Residence

Microsoft Word (2 pages)

RE030 Sample of "No Other Name" and "No Judgments" Affidavit Submitted for Clearance of Title-Exceptions Raised Microsoft Word (1 page)
 RE031Natural Person Mortgagee—Affidavit of Exemption § 253(1-a) Microsoft Word (1 page)
 RE032Power of Attorney – New York Statutory Short Form, New York Statutory Gifts Rider and Suggested ModificationsMicrosoft Word (17 pages)
 RE035ANew York State Disclosure Form—Buyer and Seller Microsoft Word (3 pages)
 RE035BNew York State Disclosure Form—Landlord and Tenant Microsoft Word (3 pages)
 RE036Addendum to Contract for Purchase and Sale  Microsoft Word (2 pages)
RE037Help for Homeowners in Foreclosure  Microsoft Word (1 page)
 RE038Buyer Retainer LetterMicrosoft Word (2 pages)
 RE039Seller Retainer Letter Microsoft Word (2 pages)
 RE040Disclosure StatementMicrosoft Word (1 page)