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TASK FORCE ON ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS (Now Electronic Communications Committee)

Formed: December 19, 1996

The Task Force shall plan and facilitate the implementation of systems of electronic communication which enable and enhance rapid communications among members of the Association, between the Association and its members, and among members of the Association, their clients, the courts and other governmental bodies.  Central to these systems will be vibrant, up to date, linked Association, section, and committee home pages on the World Wide Web as well as Internet accessible mailing lists and news groups through which members of the Association and especially leadership groups and committees will be able to conduct their business while minimizing the need for face-to-face meetings.  These systems will be designed and implemented to meet the perceived needs of the members of the association for information, including legal research materials, and services which are useful in their practices, and to promote access to legal services by the public.  

Online Community

Members of the ECC are encouraged to use the private online community established for the committee by visiting the ECC Online.

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