Task Force on Family Court

Stated Purpose/Mission Statement 

New York State Bar Association Task Force on Family Court

June 2010

Family Court caseloads across the state are at extraordinarily high levels. Legal issues heard by Family Court judges include child abuse and neglect, adoption, custody and visitation, domestic violence, guardianship, juvenile delinquency, paternity, persons in need of supervision (PINS), maintenance, and child support. Long delays are frequently experienced by practitioners and parties in Family Court throughout the state.  

In order to identify and address issues necessary for the enhanced operation of the Family Court, the Task Force will examine:

1) Whether more resources are needed for the Family Court and in what areas;

2) Whether better case management and staffing processes are necessary;

3) Whether the Family Court can make better use of technology;

4) How Family Court operations can better serve families who come in contact with the court;

5) How counsel are utilized in Family Court; and,

6) Other issues deemed relevant by the Task Force.

The Task Force shall submit its report and recommendations to the Executive Committee and/or House of Delegates, as directed by the President.

View the Task Force's final report here.  

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