New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer Table of Contents



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Honorable Judith S. Kaye Photospread

Message from the Chair
(David C. Singer)

Message from the Co-Editors-in-Chief
(Edna Sussman, Samaa Haridi, Julie Bédard, Laura A. Kaster and Sherman Kahn)

A Tribute to Judge Judith S. Kaye

New York Court of Appeals Judges’ Memories of Judge Kaye
(Joseph Bellacosa, Janet DiFiore, Vicki Graffeo, Jonathan Lippman, Susan Read, Albert M. Rosenblatt, Robert Smith, Sol Wachtler and Richard Wesley

A Tribute to Judith by Judge Carmen Ciparick
(on behalf of the New York Court of Appeals)

New York International Arbitration Center Executive Committee Memories of Judge Kaye
(James H. Carter, Michael W. Galligan, Richard L. Mattiaccio, Joe Neuhaus, Jennifer Permesly, Peter Sherwin, Richard H. Silberberg, Robert L. Sills, Edna Sussman and Stephen P. Younger)

Alexandra Dosman: Remarks in Honor of Judith S. Kaye
(Executive Director, NYIAC)

Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye at Skadden, Arps

Luisa M. Kaye Eulogy of Judith S. Kaye
(Judge Kaye’s daughter)

Jonathan Kaye Eulogy of Judith S. Kaye
(Judge Kaye’s son)

Gordon Kaye Eulogy of Judith S. Kaye
(Judge Kaye’s son)

Sonja and Andrea Hagemeier Eulogy of Judith S. Kaye
(Judge Kaye’s granddaughters)

Michael Bloomberg Eulogy of Judith S. Kaye
(former Mayor of the City of New York)

New York for International Arbitration

Déjà Vu: A Personal Reflection on Women in International Arbitration
(Judith S. Kaye)

New York and International Arbitration: A View from the State Bench
(Judith S. Kaye)

10 Questions About New York as a Leading Arbitration Center
(Interview with Edna Sussman)

NYIAC Case Law Library—Overview
(Mark Stadnyk and Alexandra Dosman)

Second Circuit Finds That Res Judicata Issue Is for Arbitrators, Not Courts

Sovereign Immunity Is No Defense to the Recognition of ICSID Award Against Venezuela; New York Court Stays Recognition on Basis of ICSID Internal Proceedings

“To Stay or Not to Stay”: Second Circuit Clarifies Procedure Following Successful Motion to Compel Arbitration

International Arbitration Pre-Hearing Checklist
(Aníbal Sabater)

Book Reviews
International Commercial Arbitration in New York
(Reviewed by Edna Sussman)
New York Contract Law: A Guide for Non-New York Attorneys
(Reviewed by Stefan B. Kalina)

Why Choose New York Law?

(Michael W. Galligan)

The International Commercial Disputes Committee of the New York City Bar Association Reports on the Manifest Disregard of Law Doctrine and International Arbitration in New York
(Laurence Shore, Joseph P. Zammit and Amal Bouchenaki)

Using New York Fora to Enforce Judgments After Motorola Credit Corp. v. Standard Chartered Bank and Daimler AG v. Bauman
(Samaa A. Haridi and Samuel L. Zimmerman)

“Who Decides?” The Res Judicata Effect of Arbitral Awards and Federal Confirmation Judgments Are Matters for Arbitral Resolution
(Tai-Heng Cheng and Adam J. DiClemente)

Court Review of Arbitral Tribunals’ Jurisdictional Decisions
(Monique Sasson)

The Corruption Defense Asserted in International Arbitration Disputes: A Look at BSG Resources v. Guinea
(Jonathan Greenblatt and R. Zachary Torres-Fowler)

Muddy Waters in the Land of Section 1782
(Lawrence W. Newman and David Zaslowsky)

Effectuating International Arbitration Through Judicial Preliminary Relief in New York
(Julie Bédard and Christopher Pavlacka)