Mock Trial Summer Institute Applications

STUDENT APPLICATIONS (No applications will be accepted after June 30):

MTSI 2017 NYS Student Application (for students who DO reside and/or attend school in New York State)

MTSI 2017 Out of State Student Application (for students who do NOT reside and/or attend school in New York State)

Please Note:  The forms are fillable PDFs, so you have the option of typing in your information or just printing it and filling it in by hand.  If you type in your information, please be sure to print it out and sign the form.  We require original signatures to ensure that the forms are valid.


MTSI 2017 Counselor Application

We are seeking Educators who teach law related educational classes and have involvement with their schools' Mock Trial teams to be Counselors at our Mock Trial Summer Institute (MTSI), from July 16-21, 2017 at Silver Bay YMCA on the northern shore of Lake George, NY.  Click here to download the  flyer!

College students who are have several years of experience participating in mock trial are also welcome to apply. 

Counselors will be responsible for general supervision of a group of up to 48 students for the entire week.  Each counselor will coach a team of 6 to 8 students.  Responsibilities will include coaching their team on presenting one side of the case; giving a presentation about one particular aspect of mock trial (openings, directs, etc.), including handouts and activities for the entire group; and along with another counselor, running a fun evening activity for the entire group of students.

Being a Counselor at MTSI is not only a great experience for you as an Educator, but it’s also a great way to spend a week during the summer on beautiful Lake George and earn some extra money! If you are interested in applying, please submit your cover letter, resume and application as soon as possible.

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New York State Bar Association
Attn: Kim Francis
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Fax to: 518-487-5611

Questions?  Call Kim Francis at 518-487-5611.