Personal Inventory

Personal problems such as addiction and mental health concerns affect a professional’s ability to practice law. Review the following questions. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you may benefit by calling LAP: 1-800-255-0569.

1. Are important people in my life saying that my behavior has changed or that I seem different?

2. Is it difficult for me to maintain a routine and stay on top of responsibilities?

3. Have I experienced memory problems or an inability to concentrate?

4. Am I having difficulty managing emotions such as anger and sadness?

5. Have I missed appointments or appearances or failed to return phone calls or emails?

6. Have my sleeping and eating habits changed?

7. Am I experiencing a pattern of relationship problems with significant people in my life?

8. Does my family have a history of alcoholism, substance abuse or depression?

9. Do I drink or take drugs to deal with my problems?

10. Recently, have I had more drinks or drugs than I intended, or felt that I should cut back or quit, but could not?

11. Is gambling making me careless of my financial responsibilities?

12. Do I feel so stressed, burned out and depressed that I have thoughts of suicide?