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Spring 2018

Message from the Chair
By Mitch Katz

Recent Travel Industry Antitrust Actions
By Thomas A. Dickerson

Lost Profit Legal Rules and the Forensic CPA
By Stephen L. Ferraro and Charles S. Amodio

Special Proceedings Against Municipalities Jeopardized; Conflict Arises Within Second Department
By Kenneth L. Gartner and Tiffany D. Frigenti

The Arbitration from Hell and How the New York Courts Got It Wrong
By Norman Solovay

New York High Court Adopts Unconscionability Standard to Overcome Statute of Frauds
By Karen E. Clarke

Online Dispute Resolution: The "New Normal"
By Marcy Einhorn

Think Before You Tweet: Discoverability of Private Social Media Account Information in Litigation
By Daniel A. Schnapp and Catherine A. Savio

Sometimes Less Is More (and Vice Versa): A Primer on Pleading Practice in Arbitration
By Theodore K. Cheng

Justice Ramos Receives Stanley H. Fuld Award

The Business Theory of Diversity: How Diversity Improves Law Firms' Bottom Lines
By Mitchell J. Katz and Moshe O. Boroosan

Committee Report

Proposal to Mitigate Risk Associated with Inadvertent Privilege Waiver During Disclosure

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