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    Spring/summer 2017

    Message from the Chair

    (Jana Springer Behe)

    Inside Inside
    (Jessica Thaler-Parker and Elizabeth J. Shampnoi)

    The Attack on Class-Action Waivers in Employment Arbitration Agreements
    (Sara D. Kula)

    The Legal Incubator: Breeding New Ideas
    (Sarena Straus)

    Utilizing a Smart Phone “App” to Protect Companies and Individuals in Critical Law Enforcement Encounters: M&M Defend™
    (Steven D. Feldman)

    Inside Books: The Dream of Reason: A History of Western Philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance
    (Reviewed by Janice Handler)

    Collaborative Practice: Efficient Dispute Resolution for In-House Counsel
    (Marc Sheridan and Anthony Markus)

    Inside Interview: Mitch Borger

    (Arthur Shalagin)

    How Professional Coaching Can Assist Your Transition and Success In-House
    (Carlynn Magliano Sweeney)

    NYSBA 2017 Annual Meeting Business Law and Corporate Counsel Section Meeting Photos

    Section Committee Updates

    (Natalie Sulimani, David S. Rothenberg, Joy Echer, Thomas A. Reed, Jessica D. Thaler-Parker, Steven Nachimson, Howard Shafer, Barbara Levi and Kenneth Zweig)

    Is Easy or Difficult Collaboration More Productive? The Answer May Surprise You
    (Andrea S. Kramer and Alton B. Harris)

    The Shifting Landscape of Captive Insurance Arrangements
    (Michael K. Goswami)

    Location Independence for In-House Lawyers
    (Alexis Lamb)

    Crossing the Border in 2017: How In-House Attorneys Can Keep Businesses Out of Hot Water With the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis
    (Robert M. Schechter and Christopher F. Schultz)

    Qui Tam Gone Wrong: The Case for False Claims Act Reform
    (Stefani Bonato)

    The Corporate Counsel Section Welcomes New Members

    Corporate Counsel Section Committee Chairpersons

    Corporate Counsel Section Officers and Co-Editors


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