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spring 2018

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Message from the Chair
(Daniel Kolb)

Message from the Co-Editors-in-Chief
(Edna Sussman, Laura A. Kaster and Sherman Kahn)

Acts Like a Lawyer, Talks Like a Lawyer.Non-Lawyer Advocates Representing Parties in Dispute Resolution

(Professor Elayne E. Greenberg)

Summary of Report of the New York City Bar on Awards of Interest in International Commercial Arbitration

(Thomas Childs)

Business Essentials for Neutrals: Starting, Growing, and Sustaining Your Practice

(Reginald A. Holmes and Merriann M. Panarella)

Automatic Court-Annexed Mediation in New York’s Federal District Courts—Sometimes Numbers Don’t Lie
(Gary Shaffer)

M&A Arbitration and Expedited Procedures: A Need for Speed?

(Alejandro López Ortiz)

Globalizing Trends in Ascertaining the Content of the Applicable Law in International Arbitration—Beyond the Civil-Common Law Divide
(Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab)

Multilingual Arbitrations: Optimizing Parties’ Agreements, Scope, Costs, Award-Making
(Guido Carducci)

Special Feature: Artifi cial Intelligence and New Arbitration Data Sources Artificial Intelligence Challenges and Opportunities for International Arbitration
(Kathleen Paisley and Edna Sussman)

Arbitrator Intelligence: From Institution to Data in Arbitrator Appointments
(Catherine A. Rogers)

A Data-Driven Exploration of Arbitration as a Settlement Tool: Does Reality Match Perception?
(Brian Canada, Debi Slate and Bill Slate)

The Unusual Suspects—Easier to Find With GAR’s ART
(David Samuels)

The College of Commercial Arbitrators Guide to Best Practices in Commercial Litigation—Taking a Test Drive Down the Highways and By-Ways of Best Practices (4th Edition)

(Reviewed by Simeon H. Baum)

ADR Advocacy, Strategies, and Practices for Intellectual Property and Technology Cases (Second Edition)
(Reviewed by Joseph P. Zammit)

The Roles of Psychology in International Arbitration
(Reviewed by Jane Wessel and Ben Pilbrow)

Med-Arb: How to Mitigate the Risk of Setting Aside or Refusal of Recognition and Enforcement of a Med-Arb Award

(Sarah Benzidi)

The Past, Present and Future of the Doctrine of ‘Manifest Disregard’
(Carl Mudd)

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