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Spring 2019

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Message from the Chair
(Deborah Masucci)

Message from the Co-Editors in Chief
(Edna Sussman, Laura A. Kaster and Sherman Kahn)

Ethical Compass

The Changed BATNA
(Professor Elayne E. Greenberg)


Dealing With Experts and Expert Evidence in Commercial Arbitration
(Stephen P. Gilbert)

ADR in the Age of Cybersecurity
(Steven A. Certilman and Eric W. Wiechmann)

The ICCA-ASIL Task Force on Damages Creates a New Interactive Web App for Damages
(Catherine Amirfar, Gabrielle Nater-Bass, Stefanie Pfisterer and Aasiya Glover)

California—A Rising Star Among International Arbitration Seats
(Gary Benton and Katalin Meier)

Publicity for Diversity in the ADR World
(Laura A. Kaster)

Everyone Can Be a Winner in Baseball Arbitration: History and Practical Guidance
(Edna Sussman and Erin Gleason)

Risky Business: the Consequences of Counting on Liability Alone
(Greig Taylor and Alexander Lee)


Notes From the Field: Has #MeToo Changed ADR?
(Abigail Pessen)

Moving Mediation Practice Forward—Is It Time for Certification?
(Deborah Masucci)


How to Productively Conduct a Case Management Conference – Well Begun Is Half Done
(Cecilia Carrara)

The Prague Rules and the Myth of a Civil Law Panacea
(Ferdinando Emanuele, Carlo Santoro, Ari D. MacKinnon, and Zachary S. O’Dell)

The Prague Rules: A Regression or a Step Toward More Efficiency?
(Duarte G. Henriques)

Updates from the Institutions

A Comparative Overview of the 2018 HKIAC-Administered Arbitration Rules
(Sarah Grimmer and Joe Liu)

Recent Innovations from the ICC Court
(Marek Krasula and Mary Kate Wagner)

Modernizing ICSID’s Dispute Settlement Rules
(Meg Kinnear)

The Future Is Now: New 2019 CPR Arbitration Rules Incorporate Best Practices for Fast and Efficient Administered Arbitrations
(Olivier P. André and Kenneth B. Reisenfeld)

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