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Fall 2019

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Editor’s Note / Pro Bono Update

Message from the President: Diversifying the Legal Profession: A Moral Imperative

Law Student Initiative Writing Contest

The Phil Cowan Memorial Scholarship Writing Competition

NYSBA Guidelines for Obtaining MCLE Credit for Writing

The Role of the Department of Public Interest
(Thomas J. Richards and Eunice Bencke)

Pro Bono Partnership: A Client Who “Feeds My Soul”: Why You, Too, Should Do Transactional Pro Bono
(Nancy Eberhardt)

50 Years: New York Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
(Amy Lehman)

NYSBA City Bar Justice Center: Pro Bono Advising for Emerging Entrepreneurs Builds Businesses, Communities, and Attorney Engagement
(Akira Arroyo and Kurt M. Denk)

A Brief History of the Pro Bono Partnership Program at Prisoners’ Legal Services of New York
(Karen Murtagh and John Amodeo)

Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Reverses Heavily Criticized Fair Use Decision
(Joel L. Hecker)

The Transfer of the Offseason: A Justin Fields Saga
(Joseph M. Hanna, Dustin W. Osborne, and Thomas Grenke)

SCOTUS Weighs in on Non-Taxable Costs Recoverable in Copyright Suits and on Standing to Sue
(Jana S. Farmer)

A Revolution in French Doping Legislation
(François Berbinau and Mathilde Dulize)

Sports and Entertainment Imm igration: Detention, Baseball, Only the Best and the Brightest, and
Resignations. The Trump Administration’s Greatest Hits!

(Michael Cataliotti)

Resolution Alley: The Value in Direct Party-to-Party Negotiations
(Theo Cheng)

Hollwood Docket: My Big Mouth: When Do Legal Communications Result in Liability?
(Neville L. Johnson and Douglas L. Johnson)

Krell’s Korner: The Lone Ranger, the Green Hornet, and Legacies
(David Krell)

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Diverse opinions contribute to the vitality of the law, and for every topic there are many issues to be addressed. The Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Journal is a forum for ideas and a repository for legal analyses and theories. The EASL Journal presents topics that EASL attorneys address on a daily basis, and provides comprehensive overviews of both large issues that affect a majority of the EASL Section membership and analyses of more specific issues that affect only a few. In addition to contributions from practicing attorneys, the EASL Journal accepts articles from laypersons involved with issues that affect many in the EASL fields. Edited by Elissa D. Hecker, Esq., the EASL Journal is published three times a year by the Entertainment, Art and Sports Law Section and distributed to Section members free of charge.

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