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Fall/Winter 2018

Message from the Chair
By Marla E. Wieder

Message from the Editor-in-Chief
By Miriam E. Villani

Message from the Issue Editor
By Aaron Gershonowitz

Message from the Student Editorial Board
By David Dickinson

Outside the EPA Update
By Jay Simpson

Section News

Long-Time Member — Howard Tollin
By Justin Birzon

Photos from Environmental & Energy Law Section Fall Meeting — Mt. Tremper, N.Y.

New Member Profile — Sarah Lobe
By Alicia Artessa

Feature Articles

What Developers and Land Use Practitioners Need to Know About the New SEQRA Amendments
By Andrea Tsoukalas Curto and Jessica A. Leis

Reaching the Individual: A Proposed Federal Framework to Reduce Community-Based Greenhouse Gas Emissions
By Rachel Manning

1,4-dioxane: The Emerging Crisis
By James P. Rigano, Alyse Delle Fave, and Nicholas Rigano

Compelling the EPA to Regulate GHG Emissions Under the Act to Prevent Pollution From Ships
By Sarah K. Kam

Global Climate Change Blog
By Carl R. Howard

  1. Environmental Refugees (ERs); Europe and ERs; 800 Million People in "Hot Sports"; Pollution-related Mortality; Melting Permafrost; Spreading Disease; Climate Change Litigation; Washington; and Hawking
  2. NYC, Flood Protection — Infrastructure; Heat, Wildfires and Flooding; US, Japan, Siberia; Washington; Good News
  3. NYC/East Coast; Facts on the Ground; Good News NY/CA; Washington; Deforestation; Black Carbon; and Fuel Efficiency Standards Rollback
  4. Facts on the Ground — Typhoons and Hurricanes; Recommended Reading; Climate Change, Agriculture and Immigration; Fracking; Good News; Washington
  5. Facts on the Ground; New IPCC Report; Half a Degree of Warming; Washington
  6. Facts on the Ground; Climate Change Impact on Food Chain; Election Results and Climate Change; Washington

Recent Decisions in Environmental Law
By Student Editorial Board

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The New York Environmental Lawyer features peer-written substantive articles relating to the practice of environmental law on various topics including climate change, brownsfields, pollution, air quality, wetlands and superfunds. Regular columns include  recent administrative and judicial cases, ethics issues, EPA and DEC updates and Section news. Edited by Miriam E. Villani, Esq., (Editor-in-Chief), Justin M. Birzon, Esq. (Issue Editor), Prof. Keith Hirokawa (Issue Editor), and Aaron Gershonowitz, Esq. (Issue Editor), The New York Environmental Lawyer is published by the Environmental Law Section and distributed to Section Members free of charge.

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