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One on One (General Practice Section Newsletter)

Winter 2017

A Message from the Chair
(Joel E. Abramson)

A Message from the Co-Editors
(Martin Minkowitz, Richard Klass and Matthew Bobrow)

Insurance Policy Cancellations
(Martin Minkowitz)

"I Got Bloomed": Keeping Client Confidences and Loyalties After the Attorney-Client Relationship Has Terminated
(Richard A. Klass)

The "Un-Orthodox" Divorce: Who Decides the Children's Religious Upbringing?
(Natalie N. Diratsouian

Book Review: Broken Scales: Reflections on Injustice
(Reviewed by Carla T. Main)

Top 10 Things New Litigation Attorneys Should Know to Survive Their First Day in the Courtroom
(Shannon Howley)

The Accelerating Evolution of Title VII's Treatment of Sexual Orientation Discrimination
(Geoffrey A. Mort)

Exes and the Attorney-Client Privilege
(C. Evan Stewart)

Inside the Courts: An Update from Skadden Securities Litigators

Autonomous Transportation: A Brave New World
(Adam Dolan)

Ethics Opinions

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The General Practice Section Publication (One on One) features peer-written substantive articles about current issues facing the general practitioner, and provides updates on Section activities and ethics opinions. Edited by Martin Minkowitz, Richard Klass and Matthew N. Bobrow, One on One is published by the General Practice Section and distributed to Section Members free of charge.

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