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Spring 2019

A Message from the Section Chair
Robert Hussar     

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Special Edition: Public Health Law and Vulnerable Populations

Public Health Law and Vulnerable Populations: An Introduction
Veda Collmer, Mary Beth Morrissey and Joyce Tichy

Framing the Public Health Problem of Maternal Morbidity and Mortality: A Social Justice and Moral Imperative
Anna Burgansky, Camille A. Clare, Karen Bullock, Mary Breda Morrissey, Ivelina V. Popova and Mary Beth Quaranta Morrissey

Giving New Yorkers a Voice in Oversight of Hospital Consolidation
Lois Uttley

Housing Rx: Policy Innovations and Opportunities for Action in New York State
Madeline Morcelle and Leila Barraza

Health Information Technology and Vulnerable Populations: An Overview of Current Policies
Veda Collmer

The Palliative Turn in Person-Centered Care: Public Health and Human Rights-Based Approaches to Interdisciplinary Palliative Care
Mary Beth Morrissey, Thomas Caprio and Cary Reid

Supervised Injection Facilities: A Collision Between Public Health Policy and State and Federal Law
Joyce Tichy and Jerry Lynch

NIFLA and the Future of Health Warnings
Thomas Merrill

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The Health Law Journal features peer-written substantive articles relating to the practice of health law on various topics including the Family Health Care Decisions Act, HIPAA, nursing homes, managed care, mental health, medical ethics, and long-term care. Also included are regular features on recent cases, legislation and publications, as well as updates on Section activities. Edited by Robert N. Swidler, Esq., the Health Law Journal is published by the Health Law Section and distributed to Section Members free of charge.

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