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Fall/Winter 2018

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A Message from the Section Chair
C Bruce Lawrence

A Message from the Editor
Carole A. Burns

Feature Articles

The Very Real Threat of Identity Theft: A Guide to Identity Recovery and Resolution—Part III
James LaPiedra and Jeffrey A. Kerman

Protecting Your Snowbird Clients from a New York Residency Audit
Karen Tenenbaum and Lance E. Rothenberg

Settling a Personal Injury Claim While Providing Comprehensive Counsel
Deidre M. Baker

Reflections on "Aid in Dying" and the Paradox of "Achieving Death": Avoiding the Confluence of Language and Ideology at Life's End
Joseph J. Fins and Mary Beth Morrissey

Business Essentials for Neutrals: Starting, Growing, and Sustaining Your Practice
Reginald A. Holmes and Merriann M. Panarella

A Well-Kept Secret: The Attorney Emeritus Program
Michael Siris and Cora Vasserman

"Who Will I Be When I Am No Longer a Lawyer?" (Is Retirement Still an Option for Aging Sole Practitioners?"
Stephen P. Gallagher and Leonard E. Sienko Jr.

A Litigator's Guide to the Management of New York Limited Liability Companies
Michael J. Firestone

CLARO-Queens to Celebrate 11th Anniversary
Mark Weliky

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The Senior Lawyer features substantive articles for lawyers who are age 55 or older and is published to help with career continuity and career changes. Articles that have appeared in past issues include such topics as value of important papers, estate planning, ethical issues, life settlements and retaining and maintaining closed files. Also included are updates on Section news, committee reports, programs and events. Edited by Willard H. DaSilva, Esq., The Senior Lawyer is published by the Senior Lawyers Section and distributed to Section Members free of charge.

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