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2017: Vol. 30, No. 1

Practicum: Form and Policy

Message from the Chair


Export Compliance: The Roles of the Bureau of the Census and U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Robert J. Leo

Comparative Legal Ethics: The United States and the European Union
Azish Filabi, Gregory D. Green and Kenneth G. Standard


International Section Events Photos

An Excerpt from the Australian Chapter’s Annual Report 2016 and Chapter Plan 2017

Richard Gelski and Tim Castle

Seminar 15 February 2017: How to Navigate as an American in a World of Tax Transparency Swedish Chapter of the International Section

Recent Developments in Germany for Closely Held Businesses and Private Clients
Dr. Christian von Oertzen and Dr. Manfred Reich

The Albert S. Pergam International Writing Competition Award

The Use of Real Estate Trusts for Investments and Holding of Property in Israel
Dr. Alon Kaplan and Meytal Liberman

Book Review: Trusts and Estate Planning in Israel
Reviewed by Ziva Robertson

European Preservation Order on Bank Accounts: Cross-Border Debt Recovery Easier for SMEs
Alessandro Benedetti

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The International Law Practicum features peer-written, substantive articles relating to the practical needs of attorneys in an international setting, emphasizing clinical matters as opposed to academic, exploring the application of international law for the generalist rather than theoretical discussions for the expert. Edited by Amber Wessels-Yen, Esq. (Editor-in-Chief) and Dunniela Kaufman (Chapter News Editor) the International Law Practicum is published twice per year by the International Section and distributed to Section members free of charge.

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