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    The New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer features peer-written substantive articles relating to the practice of dispute resolution on various topics including arbitration, mediation, and collaborative law. Also included are updates on case law and legislation, as well as Section activities. Edited by Edna Sussman, Esq., Laura A. Kaster, Esq. and Sherman Kahn, Esq. the New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer is published by the Dispute Resolution Section and distributed to Section Members free of charge.

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    Fall 2015

    Message from the Chair
    (David C. Singer)

    Message from the Co-Editors
    (Edna Sussman, Laura A. Kaster and Sherman Kahn)

    Ethical Compass

    The Smith Case: Is the Glass Half Full?
    (Professor Elayne E. Greenberg)


    Developments in IP Arbitration: An Arbitrator’s View
    (Philip D. O’Neill, Jr.)

    Arbitrating Standards—Arbitration of FRAND Patent Licensing Disputes
    (Jason Bartlett)

    Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center: Advancing ADR for Tech Disputes
    (Gary L. Benton)

    Eat the Frog First: Address Damages Early
    (Carol Ludington)

    Congress Seeks to Put New Requirements on the CFPB’s Moves to Regulate Consumer Arbitration
    (Russ Bleemer)

    New American Arbitration Association Rules for Accounting and Related Services Arbitrations—An Emphasis on Management by the Panel, Efficiency and Proportions
    (Barbara Mentz and Dan Kolb)

    Guided Decision Making: Promoting Settlement During Arbitration
    (Ruth V. Glick)

    International Arbitration in the Early Americas: The 1656 Dispute Resolution Proceeding Regarding Reparations for the Death of a Seneca Captain “Ahiarantouan” 34
    (Jonathan Anderson)


    Effective Advocacy in Mediation
    (Leslie Berkoff)

    Utilizing Damages Experts to Make for a Successful Mediation
    (Elizabeth Shampnoi)

    Designing an Online Global Mediation Advocacy Training Program for Commercial Lawyers
    (Vikki Rogers)


    Unusual but Relevant: Some Commercial Arbitration Treaties to Keep at Hand
    (Aníbal Sabater)

    DIFC Practice Direction No. 2: Converting Judgments into Arbitral Awards Enforceable Under the New York Convention
    (Louis Epstein)

    Working with Experts in International Arbitration: Four Practical Tips
    (Alexandra Dosman)

    TTIP—A Boost for Arbitration and a More Balanced Multilateral Investment Regime?
    (Thomas K. Mayr-Riedler)

    Book Reviews

    Ethics in International Arbitration
    (Reviewed by Stefan B. Kalina)

    The Golden Age of Arbitration: Dispute Resolution Under Elizabeth I
    (Reviewed by Edna Sussman)

    Case Notes

    McKenna Long & Aldridge, LLP v. Ironshore Specialty Ins. Co.
    (Hui Liu)

    PoolRe Ins. Corp. v. Organizational Strategies, Inc.
    (Ross Kartez)

    Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. v. John Leopoldo Fiorilla
    (Marcia Adelson)

    Mach Mining, LLC v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    (Abigail Pessen)

    Mobil Cerro Negro, Ltd. et al. v. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
    (Andrew Riccio, Grant Hanessian and David Zaslowsky)

    Citigroup, Inc. v. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
    (Conna A. Weiner)

    Larry Whitt v. Prosper Funding LLC et al.
    (Sherman Kahn)