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Career Development Conference 2017
Panelists share tips on LinkedIn for Lawyers and Law Students as well as Returning to the Legal Profession

Designing a Sustainable Career: Decision-making Strategies to Navigate Your Career Evolution
David Post, President of DVP Advisors, will teach you how to develop your own SWOT metrics and introduce two critical reports to help you achieve results, no matter where you are in your career.

Storytelling for Lawyers: The Little Engine that Could
Stories, true and personal, are the single most powerful communication tool. Using ethos, logos and pathos, we craft stories to transmit information effectively as counselors, negotiators, advocates, negotiators, employers, marketers, and colleagues.

Taking Care of your Well-Being
Sometimes each piece of news seems bad: a rejection letter from a firm, a networking event that didn’t go as planned – it doesn’t matter what it is, it all seems to get have a negative effect. Learn techniques for getting yourself through these times.

2016 NYSBA Career Development Conference - Strategies for Success 
Panelists share tips on job searching, resumes and interviews

Contract Law: The Do’s and Don’ts
Many lawyers find themselves practicing at a “contract attorney” at some point in their careers. But how can you make the most of the experience? Our panel of experts will discuss how to work with recruiters, how to make the most of each assignment and what you need to know to make the most of a contract experience.

How to Make Temp or Contract Work Work for You
Many attorneys are turning to various types of contract and temp work whether to supplement their income, provide for flexibility or otherwise.

Alternative Careers for Lawyers 
Panelists will explore alternative careers for lawyers and will provide helpful tips to assist you in your job search.

What You Need to Know about Participating in the Lawyer Referral Service 
Panelists provide an overview of the Lawyers Referral Service and information you need to know about participating

2015 Career Development Conference - Strategies for Success 
Panelists share tips on job searching, resumes and interviews

Tax Issues Facing Lawyers in Transition 
Panelists address tax issues facing lawyers in transition

Avoiding the Funk
Panelists provide suggestions on “Avoiding the Funk” while in transition

Setting Up Your Home Office
Learn how to maximize space and set up your home office

Attorney Marketing and Websites - Strategies and Approaches
Learn how strategy and design considerations can make a big difference

Mock Interviewing - Demonstration and Discussion
Career Experts provide interviewing tips and suggestions

Navigating the New Economy: Career Strategies for Lawyers 
Leading career and psychology experts discuss how to stay positive and provide job search tips in a tough economy

Making Transitions Later in Your Career 
Panelists providing tips on making transitions later in your career.

How to Find Your First Legal Job Out of Law School
Panel discussion to help lawyers better manage their careers during this tough economy.

Crafting Your Resume for Today's Market
Get resume tips and cover letter advice

Mastering Phone, Behavioral and Non-conventional Interviews
Learn how to master a phone interview

Marketing Yourself to Small Law Firms
Panelists explore techniques and tips to market yourself to small law firms

How to Make Temp or Contract Work Work for You 
Panelists explore employment options as a contract attorney

Re-entering the Legal Profession
Get practical advice and learn the steps you need to take to re-enter the profession after time away

How to Approach Your Employer About Flexibility, Leave or Other Special Needs in a Competitive Legal Marketplace
Panelists share tips and advice on approaching your employer about flex-time

Making Transitions Later in Your Career
Panelists providing tips on making transitions later in your career 

2014 Career Development Conference - Strategies for Success
Panelists share tips on job searching, resumes and interviews

Finding Bliss: Innovative Legal Models for Happy Clients & Happy Lawyers
Speaker: Debbie Epstein Henry, Flex-time Lawyers LLC

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