Committee on Leadership Development

Learn about leadership opportunities within the New York state bar association

Dear New York State Bar Association Member, 

As Chairperson of the Committee on Leadership Development, I welcome you to our webpage.
Over the next few weeks you will receive emails and other notifications regarding your interest in leadership roles and further involvement with the New York State Bar Association. As our President-Elect, Sharon Stern Gerstman, prepares to take on the role of Association President this June, she will make numerous appointments to committees and task forces in the Spring. The Leadership Development Committee strongly encourages you to respond if you have an interest in serving on a particular committee or other group.

Moreover, our Committee serves as a resource to the President-Elect by identifying individuals who have an interest in becoming more involved and who want to work toward various leadership roles. In addition to responding to the President-Elect Gerstman’s outreach, our Committee can assist you if you wish to explore leadership opportunities. Open the sign-up form linked on this webpage, complete and return to us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or the Committee’s staff liaison.

Leadership within the New York State Bar Association is not only good for your professional development, but it benefits the Association by enhancing support for the organized bar, to which we all belong. We need people to be involved. This is our call to request your consideration to serve.

Elena DeFio Kean, Chair

Want to get more involved? Learn more by watching the video below or downloading this fillable PDF

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