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    Spring 2017

    A Message from the Chair: COMFED—The Intersection of the Federal and State Judiciary
    By Mark Arthur Berman

    Uber: The Turning of the Tide
    By Thomas A. Dickerson and Sylvia O. Hinds-Radix

    Should Mediation Begin Together or Apart?
    By Richard S. Weil

    Protecting Your Trade Secrets
    By Richard M. Reice

    Defending Lender Liability Claims Under the Common Law
    By Daniel B. Moar

    "I Show You Exhibit E for Identification": Differing Approaches for Authentication of Electronic Evidence at Trial
    By Michael L. Fox

    Role of Emails in CPLR 3211(a)(1) Motions
    By Bruce H. Lederman

    Competing New York and Foreign Actions: Anti-Suit Injunctions in Commercial Disputes
    By Benjamin R. Nagin and Richard J. Widmann

    The Ambac Decision and the Future of the Common Interest Privilege Under New York Law
    By Richard W. Trotter, Maryann C. Stallone and Amanda M. Leone

    Committee Reports

    The Judiciary Article of the New York State Constitution—Opportunities to Restructure and Modernize the New York Courts

    Proposed Diversity and Inclusion and Elimination of Bias CLE Requirement for New York State Attorneys

    Pilot ADR Project

    Proposed Amendment to Rule 20 of the Rules of the Commercial Division Regarding Applications for Temporary Restraining Orders

    Proposed Amendment to Rule 6 of the Commercial Division to Permit the Court to Require Hyperlinking in Electronically Filed Documents

    Proposed Amendment to Rule 26 of the Rules of Commercial Division Addressing the Limitation of Total Hours of Trial

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