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Fall/Winter 2018

A Message from the Chair
(Paul T. Shoemaker)

A Message from the Co-Editors
(Martin Minkowitz, Richard Klass and Matthew Bobrow)

Compensation for Bullying and Harassment
(Martin Minkowitz)

Effectively Addressing Bank, Brokerage and Real Property Issues in an Article 81 Guardianship Proceeding
(Anthony J. Enea)

What Do I Say When a Client Asks Me to Serve as a Trustee?
(Jay W. Freiberg)

A Well-Kept Secret: The Attorney Emeritus Program
(Michael Siris and Cora Vasserman)

Resolution Alley: Providing for Neutrals with Industry, Legal, and Business Expertise
(Theodore K. Cheng)

Employment Law Update: Strategies for Preventing Sexual Harassment
(Jeffrey S. Klein, Nicholas J. Pappas, and Larsa K. Ramsini)

Ethics Matters
(John Gaal)

New York Court of Appeals Establishes Lower Threshold for Punitive Damages Under NYCHRL
(Anshel Joel "AJ" Kaplan and Howard M. Wexler)

Case Study: An Effective Motion in Limine Wins Malpractice Case at Trial
(David J. Varriale)

Transitioning from Private Practice to the Bench...and Life as a New Judge
(Judge Carmen Victoria St. George)

Transitioning from Large Firm Life to Solo Practice
(Theresa Marangas)

Ethics Opinions

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