Corporate Counsel Section Mission Statement

The Section, alone or in coordination with other sections and committees of the New York State Bar Association (hereinafter referred to as "the Association"), and such other bar associations or related organizations as may be appropriate from time to time, shall (1) plan and conduct such continuing legal education programs; (2) collect, publish and distribute such educational and professional materials; and (3) undertake such other diverse activities authorized from time to time by the Association and the officers and Executive Committee of the Section as are likely to enhance the competence and skills of lawyers engaged as corporate counsel and improve their ability to deliver the most efficient and highest quality legal service to their clients.

Its activities also shall be designed specifically to enhance the role of in-house corporate counsel as contributing members and leaders of their communities, the legal profession and the Association, and to provide a medium through which all corporate counsel may cooperate with, encourage and assist each other in the resolution of problems common to them and the legal profession, to their mutual benefit and to the benefit of the membership of the Association, the legal profession at large, the substantive body of law in New York, and the general administration of justice throughout the state.

The Corporate Counsel Section will both encourage diversity in its many forms and strive to enhance the experience of diverse individuals within our Section and the legal profession generally by creating opportunities for greater interaction among all individuals and focusing on the specific needs and qualities of all individuals.

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