Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Criminal Justice Legislation

To recognize outstanding work in proposing or implementing needed reforms, which specifically includes political action and fundamental research into the operation and effectiveness of the entire criminal justice system.

Award Recipients

2018 Michael C. Green, Esq.
2014 NYS Senator Lee Zeldin
2005 Hon. Jeffrion L. Aubry
2003 John R. Dunne, Esq.
1999 Hon. Charles E. Schumer (U.S. Senator)
1998 Hon. Dale M. Volker, Esq. (Chair of the NY State Senate Committee on Codes)
1997 Paul Shechtman
1996 Hon. Christopher J. Mega
1995 Hon. Joseph R. Lentol
1994 Saul Weprin, Esq.
1993 Donald M. Halperin, Esq.
1992 Frederick J. Jacobs, Esq.
1991 Hon. Sheldon Silver
1990 John J. Poklemba, Esq.
1989 James B. Cantwell, Esq.
1988 Prof. Robert M. Pitler
1987 Lawrence T. Kurlander, Esq.
1986 Hon. James A. Yates
1985 Angelo James Mangia, Esq. 

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