Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Criminal Law Education

To recognize outstanding work in criminal law education, the promotion of interest in the practice of criminal law, and the provision to students the opportunity to gain practical insight into the operation of the criminal justice system.

Award Recipients

2018 Hon. William C. Donnino
2017 Gary Muldoon, Esq.
2016 Peter Gerstenzang, Esq.
2014 Anthony J. Colleluori, Esq.
2012 Prof. Richard T. Farrell
2011 Joanne Macri, Esq.
2006 Prof. Monroe H. Freedman
2003 Prof. Bruce A. Green
2001 Prof. Charles P. Ewing
2000 Prof. Ellen Yaroshefsky
1999 Hon. Barry Kamins
1998 Prof. Robert M. Pitler
1997 Ursula Bentele, Esq.
1996 Prof. William E. Hellerstein
1995 Eric Warner, Esq.
1994 Frank S. Polestino, Esq.
1993 Abraham Abramovsky, Esq.
1992 Charles J. Ogletree
1991 Bennett L. Gershman, Esq.  

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