Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Public Information

In recognition of a significant effort to acquaint the public and the bar with the operation of the criminal justice system; to alert the public to the problems besetting that system; and to foster dedication to the preservation of liberty through law.

Award Recipients

2017 Dr. Heather Ann Thompson
2010 John Caher
2009 William B. Glaberson
2006 Jerry Capeci
2003 Daniel Wise
2001 Jeffrey Ross Toobin, Esq.
1999 Bob Herbert
1998 Law & Order
1997 Lynda Richardson
1996 Michael Beebe
1996 Daniel Herbeck
1995 Fred Graham
1994 David Kocieniewski
1993 Anthony DeStefano
1992 Steven D. Brill
1991 60 Minutes
1990 John T. Speight
1989 Mike Taibbi
1988 Arnold H. Lubasch
1987 Murray Kempton
1986 Matt Gryta
1985 Nicholas Pileggi 

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