Outstanding Police Contribution in the Criminal Justice System

To recognize outstanding efforts to improve the police function within the criminal justice system.

Award Recipients

2016 William J. Bratton
2015 Chief Margaret Ryan
2014 Philip Banks, III NYPD
2012 Philip T. Pulaski
2008 Robert Addolorato
2008 Steven M. Cohen, Esq.
2008 John Schwartz
2008 Dennis A. Delano
2007 Wayne Bennett
2006 James H. Lawrence
2005 Raymond Walter Kelly
2002 Bernard B. Kerik
1999 Crystalea Burns Pelletier
1998 Patrick E. Kelleher
1997 James W. McMahon
1996 Andrew P. Meloni
1995 Rocco J. Diina
1994 Nelson E. Roth, Esq.
1993 Richard S. Inscore
1992 John F. Driscoll, Esq.
1991 Thomas F. Higgins
1990 Bias Incident Investigating Unit of the NYC Police Department
1989 Francis L. Giles
1988 Jeffrey Chamberlain, Esq.
1987 John Guido
1985 Richard J. Condon 

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