Environmental Law Section Awards and Fellowships

On Thursday, January 30, 2014, the Section bestowed the following awards: The Section Award to recognize the accomplishments, and indeed the vision, of New York City over the past several years in addressing environmental issues, especially sustainability and climate change; The Section Council Award given to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for engaging stakeholders in the development of its environmental initiatives; and the 2014 Minority Fellowship in Environmental Law to Levan Thomas, a student at Pace University School of Law.

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Environmental Law Section Award:
To honor distinguished service to the protection of the environment.

Environmental Law Section Council's Certificates of Merit:
To recognize a member of the Environmental Law Section for outstanding contribution to the Section's work and activities.

Minority Fellowship in Environmental Law:
This fellowship program is designed to encourage minority law students to enter the field of environmental law.

Professor William R. Ginsberg Memorial Essay Contest:
This annual competition is designed to challenge law students to analyze the environmental issues confronting us today.

Other Awards

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