Legal Links

General legal resources

  • Cornell's Legal Information Institute
    • Perhaps one of the most comprehensive source of legal materials on the Internet, including state and federal laws and U.S. Supreme Court decisions.
  • Search the Net for Legal Information
    • An internet search engine geared toward legal research materials.
  • Find Law Internet Legal Resources
    • This site is a collection of links to a great variety of federal and state legal resources on the Net, from statutes to cases to regulations to other sites, etc. It is a good starting   point for Internet legal research generally, and to start your own bookmarked collection of legal Web pages of interest you your particular practice.

General resources in environmental law

Federal and state agencies

Substantive Areas of Environmental Law

International environmental law

  • International Institute for Sustainable Development's linkages page
    • Created by the founder of Earth Negotiations Bulletin, this site provided links to other sites containing information on various international negotiations on environmental issues.


Pollution Prevention

Solid Waste

Water Quality