Message from the Chair - William Schrag

SchragWelcome to the New York State Bar Association’s International Section (the “International Section” or “Section”). The International Section is a dynamic group of attorneys based all over the world that practice international law. Membership in our Section offers many opportunities to participate in seminars and conferences on important international law topics, meet and network with other international attorneys and stay current with developments in international law through those events and our leading international publications. 

We invite you to explore our more than 40 substantive law committees, including committees on Energy and Natural Resources, International Banking, Corporate Counsel, Litigation and Tax. Once a member of our Section, you are welcome to join the committees that reflect your areas of interest and practice. Regardless of your membership in the International Section, however, you are more than welcome to attend a number of our committee programs.

If you practice outside of the United States, we invite you to consider joining one of our overseas chapters. With over 65 chapters in places like London, Colombia, Beijing, Sao Paolo, and Singapore, there are fellow International Section members in nearly every jurisdiction around the world.

In addition to our committees and chapters, which provide professional growth and networking opportunities, we encourage members to participate as organizers, speakers or attendees at our yearly educational programs and networking events and to contribute their views on our discussion forums.

Our International Section publications include: 

  • The New York International Law Review, which provides substantive articles related to the practice of international law on such topics as NAFTA, the collection of money judgments outside the U.S., foreign direct investments and trade agreements
  • The International Law Practicum, which features peer-written, substantive articles relating to the practical needs of attorneys in an international setting, emphasizing clinical matters and exploring the application of international law for the generalist.

You are also invited to attend the following events that our Section has planned in the coming months:

  • Our signature Global Law Week on June 11-13, in New York City, featuring an International Law Bridging the Gap program on June 14-15.
  • Our Seasonal Meeting on October 24-26 in Montreal, Canada.
  • Our Annual Meeting on January 14, 2019 in New York, NY.

A list of our schedule events and sponsored programs can always be found at

The International Section aims to fulfill the professional needs of those interested in and practicing public or private international law. We hope to welcome you as a member or have your participation in our activities and events. 

Feel free to contact me directly at if you are interested in joining this vibrant group. You can also always contact the New York State Bar Association’s Member Resource Center at mrc@nysba.org518.463.3200/800.582.2452, with any membership or Section question. 

With best regards,

William H. Schrag

Section Chair
NYSBA Member Since 1979